Employer / Corporation

Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs)

NYRC provides Independent Medical Examination services on behalf of business entities to obtain independent opinions regarding an employee’s disability status and provide comment on their functional abilities and/or limitations. This includes the coordination of physical and/or mental health assessments. Follow-up assessments are provided on a case by case basis.

Return to Work Assessments

Return to Work Assessments are completed by NYRC’s highly qualified Occupational Therapists, Kinesiologists, Physiotherapists and/or appropriately trained healthcare professional to assist with the re-integration of employees into the workplace following a physical and/or mental health issue. Return to work assessment reports includes recommendations to support the balance of an individual’s social, cultural, physical and environmental safe re-integration into the workforce.

Functional Abilities Evaluations (FAE)

The Functional Abilities Evaluation utilizes the ARCON or Hanoun assessment systems to identify an employee’s physical ability through a variety of standardized tests and activities. FAEs provide objective determination of an employee’s ability to meet the demands of a job. NYRC provides a detailed report regarding the employee’s strength, mobility, dexterity, tolerance and endurance.

Work Site Analysis

The Work Site Analysis is a detailed assessment of the physical, cognitive, behavioural and environmental requirements of a job. Physical demands include, but are not limited to, the job requirements related to strength, mobility, sensory, work environment, job conditions and job specifications. Behavioural demands include the degree of supervision required, ability to meet deadline pressures and ability to work with others. NYRC utilizes these reports to determine the applicant’s suitability for employment and/or formulate return to work plans. Follow-up assessments and consultations are available, upon request.