Medical Legal
Medical Legal

Medical-Legal Assessments evaluate the clinical and functional status of an individual. The assessment is based on a comprehensive review of the medical records as well as neuro-musculoskeletal, psychiatric and/or functional assessments. These assessments are typically performed on individuals that have sustained an impairment and require a medical opinion on the seriousness and permanency of injuries. These are completed by the appropriate neuro-musculoskeletal or psychiatric professional.

Critical Assessment and Evidence-Based Review of Medical Legal Information

NYRC is dedicated to providing reliable, high quality, unbiased and objective reports. Our medical professionals follow the current rules of civil procedure and have litigation experience as expert witnesses that meet our credentialing requirements. NYRC provides all types of independent medical examinations using specialists with sub-specialties tailored to the individual case circumstances.

Tort Related Assessments (Bodily Injury)

NYRC’s Tort Assessment services are used by both defense and plaintiff law firms. Our assessors are highly qualified medical professionals that are experts in their fields. We provide objective, detailed and defensible reports to all our clients that include a summary, documentation list, opinion and answers to specific questions provided by the referral source. All assessors providing medical-legal assessments are knowledgeable with respect to the court mandates, arbitrations and related proceedings. As a value added service, NYRC will assist our clients with the scheduling of arbitration hearings, mediation and provision of expert witness testimonies as well as pre and post phone consultations with the referring source.