En ce qui concerne les services médicaux, nous voulons tous être sûrs que la qualité est exceptionnelle. Pour NYRC, une entreprise engagée à fournir le meilleur service possible à ses clients, une partie de ce service consiste à créer un environnement sûr et sécurisé pendant les IME en face à face et virtuels. Nous nous efforçons de vous aider à atteindre votre objectif de rétablissement; c'est pourquoi nous faisons de notre mieux pour que vous vous sentiez en sécurité, à l'aise et soutenu. Dans ce blog, nous examinons les changements les plus récents dans la façon dont nous menons les IME.


In-Person IME During the COVID-19 Pandemic

NYRC has always been committed to the ongoing safety of its staff, assessors, examinees, and visitors that visit our clinics. To reaffirm this commitment, we had to develop strict COVID-19 protocols covering all participants and all steps in the IME process. While the pandemic restrictions fluctuate across Canada, we keep our standards high to ensure your safety. 


In our efforts to maintain a safe environment across all NYRC locations, we have made several changes in space organization, staff, assessor and examinee requirements, paying particular attention to PPE. Let’simagine that you come for an IME to our physical location. Before that, you’ll complete a COVID-19 telephone screening questionnaire to determine whether it is safe for you to proceed with the assessment. You will also be asked to complete an additional Screening Questionnaire upon arrival at the clinic, including a temperature check.


When you reach our office, you enter a waiting area that is designed with physical distancing in mind. You will be met by a staff member in PPE. We hope you understand that all employees covering reception are required to maintain minimal contact with examinees, so we appreciate your support in maintaining physical distancing.

medical clinic reception


After completing the intake process with our front-office team your next stop is an exam room. The only things you will find there are an examining table, desk, chair, and phone. The equipment and tools that might be required to conduct an assessment are stored in the reception area in their respective containers. Before each IME, our assessors sign out the equipment and return it following your exam. After each IME, all items are returned to reception and sanitized, and exam rooms are sanitized as well to be ready for the next assessment. 


In the exam room you will meet is the assessor, who will be in PPE as well. You will also note that the examination room is equipped with hand sanitizers and sanitization wipes, plexiglass barriers, and ample room to maintain physical distancing when the assessor is not performing the physical portion of their examination.


You can read more about our COVID-19 protocols here


Virtual Medical Assessments

NYRC recognizes that in-person IMEs may not always possible and as such we are now offering a host of Virtual IME Services for physical and mental health assessments. To ensure that NYRC’s Virtual IME Services meet the same standards as NYRC’s in-person IME services, we have developed a detailed Policy and Procedure that outlines the fundamental requirements, participants’ responsibilities, essential steps, and so on involved in the IME process.


  • Definition: A Virtual Medical Assessment is any interaction between an independent medical evaluator and an examinee, occurring remotely, using communication or information technologies such as video, audio, telephone and/or secure messaging systems.

NYRC is responsible for ensuring that all parties can access their virtual assessments in a timely and secure manner through a chosen platform. As an examinee, you will be set up in the virtual waiting room 10 minutes before the scheduled virtual assessment time. NYRC will work to ensure that you are set up and ready for the assessor to join the virtual assessment. This includes ensuring that you have a secure connection, you are in a private location, and you have completed all necessary intake forms, as well as answering any questions that you may have.


NYRC will move all parties from the virtual waiting room into the virtual meeting to begin the virtual assessment. Before proceeding with the virtual assessment, your assessor will explain to you the purpose and nature of the assessment, the details of the IME process, its risks and benefits, and your ability to withdraw consent. They will also give you the opportunity to ask questions. Once the assessment is completed, NYRC will send you an electronic satisfaction survey allowing you to let us know how well we did in serving you.


As you can see, no matter the nature of the assessment, the safety and security of our examinees, staff, and assessors is a top priority for NYRC. Our commitment to going the extra mile when it comes to safety and security is what makes NYRC stand out. Visit this page to learn more about NYRC.


Stay safe and healthy!

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