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MedMinds Recap - Chronic Pain

March 21, 2024

Dr Waseem specializes in assessing musculoskeletal problems and chronic pain, and developing...

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Enhancing Rehabilitation Plans with Insights from Independent Medical Examinations in Canada

In the realm of healthcare, particularly within the context of rehabilitation, the importance of accurate assessments...

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Psychological Barriers to a Successful Return to Work: Chronic Pain

Chronic pain, characterized by persistent pain for longer than 3 months despite treatment and/or medication, is the...

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Benefits of Disability Assessments for Injured Workers, Employers, and Disability Insurers

Injured workers, employers, and disability insurers all benefit from accurate disability assessments. These assessments...

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JOIN NYRC: Protect Your Reputation and Maximize Your Time

As a medical assessor, you know how challenging it can be to find and manage quality IME work while continuing to run...

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