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Why Us? The Benefits of Working With NYRC.

Over the years, NYRC has built a team of medical professionals and experienced employees to ensure our clients’ expectations and needs are continuously met. We have built a reputation across Canada as a leading IME facility by providing high quality, objective, reliable, and competitively priced reports from respected medical professionals in a timely manner.

When determining with whom to work on your next IME, think about how much you value customer service, quality, subject matter expertise, privacy, and security. From our experience these factors are likely as important to you as they are to us, so let us share the advantages you will receive in these areas when deciding to work with NYRC.

NYRC is renowned for:

  • The placement of highly credentialed practitioners;
  • In-depth reporting processes with guaranteed quality assurance controls;
  • Proprietary software for confidentiality and secured data protection;
  • Timely and professional reporting and recommendations;
  • Meeting tight deadlines;
  • Taking on complex assessment cases;
  • Customer satisfaction; and
  • Developing innovative industry leading IME services.

Customer Service

NYRC offers a broad range of accommodation services to serve our clients in the best way possible and meet their individual needs.

  • Claimant accommodation services: transportation, hotel accommodation, translation services, or visual exams
  • Referral sources: our team makes sure that every case goes to the right expert.
  • Medical experts: our team of accredited and experienced medical professionals – at your service
  • Additional benefits: we're never done improving our services – that's the NYRC promise.

IME Quality Assurance

IME services deal with complex medical, disability, and legal topics. We work with only the best assessors and Regulated Health Professionals.
Thanks to our clinical oversight, NYRC is able to ensure that our clients receive accurate reports that are supported clinically and within our expert’s scope of practice.

  • Assessor credentialing and monitoring - before each IME, we perform in-depth, real time credentialing and monitoring of each assessor
  • CARF accreditation - NYRC is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities for Independent Evaluation Services for Adults and Independent Evaluation Services for Children and Adolescents
  • Subject Matter Expertise - as a leading IME facility, we are committed to providing our clients with credible and knowledgeable professionals to manage every file with care and precision.

Data Privacy and Security

At NYRC, we safeguard your sensitive medical and personal information through several layers of security including:

  • Dedicated data centre;
  • Physical controls with multiple layers of security, including: 24/7 security guards, 24/7 video recording of all points of entry/exits; 
  • Controlled access list to required personnel only. Multiple control mechanisms including badge, biometrics, and key card;
  • Environmental controls, including heating, cooling, and humidity;
  • Technical controls, including enterprise grade firewalls with segmented DMZ for resources that need access from the internet; and
  • Full disaster recovery plans, including accessing and processing data.

Additional Benefits

When you're working with us, you can always expect us to walk the extra mile, that's part of the NYRC advantage.

  • Access to experts from across Canada and internationally
  • Coordination of specialty services when needed: diagnostic imaging, MRI, EMG
  • Continuous development of new and effective services that are beneficial in changing markets 
  • Medical record analysis and digital organization services

Accommodation Services

We want our clients to feel comfortable at every step of their IME journey.

Easy Referrals

Everything in one hand for your convenience and security. Complete from A to Z.


Only the best in their fields get to call themselves NYRC assessors.

Service Excellence

Getting your IME at NYRC means getting the whole package. 

Added Value

NYRC believes in life-long learning and ongoing optimization of all aspects of our practice, and that also applies to our assessors. We hold them to the highest standards – from screening to accreditation and continuing education – so that you get only the best.

At NYRC, we take our clients' concerns regarding data security and record management seriously. We do everything possible to keep your data safe and the independent third-party SOC 2® Type 2 audit we received proves it.

We pride ourselves in customer service excellency from first point of contact to post-appointment follow-up – and every single step in-between. Experience it for yourself.

NYRC offers the full range of IME services from start to finish and for every need: insurance purposes, case management, workplace health, medico-legal, and much more. With our customer service guarantee, you're sure to be in safe hands.

What goes around, comes around, and we're giving back to the communities that have given us so much. Read more about our Corporate Social Responsibility and engagement in Our Community.

Your trust is essential to us. We are CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) accredited for Independent Evaluation Services for Adults as well as for Independent Evaluation Services for Children and Adolescents.

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