Independent Medical Assessments

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NYRC offers a full range of IME services for a wide range of professional needs – industry-leading customer service and access to the best assessors included. Whether you're the examinee, a legal professional, government consultant, union rep, or work in the insurance industry, we help to connect you with the right independent expert conducting the right assessment suitable to your needs.

Primary medical assessment services

  • Medical Legal and non-medical legal Independent Medical Evaluation (IME)
  • Virtual/Telemedicine Assessment Services
  • Catastrophic Injury Determination Assessments
  • Minor Injury Determination Assessments
  • Disability Medical Assessments (Short Term Disability/Long Term Disability)
  • Psychological and Neuropsychological Assessment
  • Psycho-Vocational/Vocational Rehabilitation Evaluation
  • Psycho-educational Assessments
  • Cognitive and Physical Demand Analyses (CDA and PDA)
  • Cognitive and Physical Functional Capacity Evaluations
  • Cost of Future Care and Life Care Plan Assessment
  • In-Home Assessment
  • Attendant Care Assessment
  • Fitness to Work and Return to Work Evaluation
  • Worksite assessments, including Ergonomic and Job Hazard Assessments (JHA)
  • Pediatric, adolescent and geriatric focused Assessments

Primary medical review services

  • Medical File Review
  • Treatment Plan Review
  • Clinical File Triage Service
  • Surveillance Medical Review

Primary medical consultation services

  • Medical Treatment Consultation Service
  • Peer to Peer Consultation with Primary Care Practitioners
  • Independent Medical Expert Trial Preparation
  • Testimony Cross Examination Consultations
  • Fitness to Work and Return to Work Consultation
  • Disability Case Management

IME for Legal Professionals

Whatever comes your way during a claims process, we're here to support you with expert advice, top notch assessors, and customer service excellence.

See what we can do for people working in a legal profession.

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IME for Union Representatives & Employers

When illnesses and injuries occur in the workplace, you and your team need to have a reliable IME provider to ensure a constructive process.

Find out how we support you.

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IME for Insurance Professionals

With three decades of industry experience, we know how important reliability and credibility are for the insurance industry.

Learn what NYRC offers for insurance professionals.

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IME for Government Consultants

We have worked with countless government agencies across Canada over the past 30 years and are uniquely aware of the special requirements.

Learn more about what we can offer to government consultants.

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IME Services for Claimants/Examinees

Our customer-focused approach for examinees follows one simple principle: full support throughout the entire process. We understand your needs – from transparent processing to accommodation services to user-friendly filing. 

Learn more about our services for examinees.

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