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Reliable and Credible IME Assessments

Evidence-based assessments with industry-leading assessors support informed claims decisions.

NYRC understands that your needs throughout a claims process can change. That is why we have solutions for every step of your claims process, so that you can make informed, evidence-based decisions as your claim evolves.

With 30 years of experience with accident insurance benefits and tort legislation across Canada, NYRC is able to ensure that your assessments address the appropriate questions needed for you to make informed decisions on how to best manage your claim.

Our Services for Insurance Professionals

  • Medical Legal and non-medical legal Independent Medical Evaluation (IME)
  • Virtual/Telemedicine Assessment Services
  • Catastrophic Injury Determination Assessments
  • Minor Injury Determination Assessments
  • Psychological and Neuropsychological Assessments
  • Psycho-Vocational/Vocational Rehabilitation Evaluation
  • Cognitive and Physical Functional Capacity Evaluations
  • Cost of Future Care and Life Care Plan Assessments
  • Post-104 and Residual Earning Capacity (R.E.C.) Assessments
  • Pediatric, adolescent and geriatric focused Assessments
  • In-Home Assessments
  • Attendant Care Assessments
  • Medical File Review
  • Treatment Plan Review
  • Clinical File Triage Service
  • Surveillance Medical Review
  • Peer to Peer Consultation with Primary Care Practitioners
  • Independent Medical Expert Trial Preparation
  • Testimony Cross Examination Consultations
  • Disability Case Management

Find the right assessor for your case

Thanks to NYRC's complimentary File Triage Service, you will always get the perfect fit for assessment services, including medical file review, medical advisory consultation, or complex multidisciplinary catastrophic assessments.

Just send us your case details and let our medical team provide you with helpful guidance and recommendations.

Trust in our assessors

To make sure that our examinations are always top notch, our assessors undergo a tough vetting process to guarantee reliability and credibility.

Learn more about how NYRC is leading the way in the credentialing of independent medical assessors, including our real-time credentialing process.

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Defensible reports you can rely on

We understand how important reliable reports are for you, your team, and claimants to make informed and transparent decisions. With NYRC, you receive accurate, objective, and clinically sound reports that address the right questions. That is why NYRC has continued to invest in its Quality Assurance (QA) processes.

Our industry leading six-stage report QA process ensures that NYRC reports meet your needs and allow you to move your claims forward. This is one of the reasons NYRC remains a preferred vendor for insurance professionals across Canada.

Value added services

Thanks to our long-standing experience in the IME business, we can anticipate the unforeseen and cater to your needs. We assist your team and your policy holders (the examinees) with the IME process. We provide:

  • Appointment reminder calls to examinees;
  • Interpreters and chaperone scheduling;
  • When needed, booking of accommodation and transportation services for examinees to and from assessment location;
  • Diagnostic testing services scheduling (e.g. EMGs, MRIs, etc.);
  • Medical record organization services; and
  • Convenient 24/7 access to our online secure web portal and booking system.

CARF accreditation

NYRC is a CARF accredited facility in Independent Evaluation Services for Adults and Independent Evaluation Services for Children and Adolescents.

Work with us today and find out why insurance professionals across Canada have chosen NYRC as their preferred vendor for 30 years.

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