Benefits of Disability Assessments for Injured Workers, Employers, and Disability Insurers

Injured workers, employers, and disability insurers all benefit from accurate disability assessments. These assessments provide objective and comprehensive evaluations of an injured individual's physical, cognitive, and psychological state and abilities, which are crucial for making informed decisions related to return-to-work planning, workplace accommodation, and appropriate rehabilitation.


Benefits for Injured Workers

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Disability assessments can help injured workers get the support they need to return to work and perform their jobs to the best of their abilities. They provide insights into the nature and extent of the disability, which can aid in the development of treatment plans and rehabilitation strategies. With the right accommodations, injured workers can recover more quickly and get back to work with minimal disruptions to their daily lives.


Benefits for Employers


Accurate disability assessments are critical for employers to minimize the risk of mismanaging disability claims. By providing appropriate accommodations, employers can ensure that injured workers are able to perform their jobs to the best of their abilities. This can lead to reduced absenteeism, improved worker health outcomes, and increased productivity. In addition, by accurately assessing the extent of an injured worker's disability, employers can allocate benefit funding more effectively, resulting in cost savings for the organization.


Benefits for Disability Insurers

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Disability assessments are also important for disability insurers. They help insurers make informed decisions about the appropriate frequency, duration, and type of benefits required for the injured worker. In addition, accurate disability assessments can help disability insurers develop effective return-to-work plans that minimize the length of time that claimants are away from work, helping to reduce the overall cost of disability claims.


Why NYRC Stands Out


NYRC stands out as the best choice for disability assessments due to their national coverage, 30+ years of industry experience, and expertise of their medical professional team. 


With offices across Canada (Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, and Halifax) and a roster of over 1,000 medical professionals, NYRC can deliver the high-quality, unbiased, and comprehensive disability assessments to clients across the country.


Disability assessments play a crucial role in supporting injured workers, employers, and disability insurers. By accurately assessing the extent of an individual's disability, stakeholders can make informed decisions that lead to reduced absenteeism, improved worker health outcomes, improved allocation of benefit funding, and increased productivity. When it comes to high-quality disability assessments and the best service in Canada, NYRC is the right choice for you.


Contact NYRC today to learn how their disability assessments can help with return-to-work planning and the effective management of short-term disability and long-term disability claims.



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