30 Years and Counting – What We've Learned So Far

People all over the world share hopes for 2021 to be a successful, thriving, and healthy year. For us, it’s also a milestone: we’re celebrating 30 years of excellence! We’ve gained a wealth of experience during this time and would like to share some valuable insights on the IME (Independent Medical Evaluation) industry in general and our own experiences along the way. Today, we’re delighted to share the story of how NYRC has become a household name within the Canadian IME community from the perspective of our founder, Dr. Rocco Guerriero.

What are the essential factors that have led to NYRC’s success over the past 30 years? 

Numerous elements made it possible for NYRC to become a successful and thriving company. Thirty years ago, we began this exciting journey as a multidisciplinary rehabilitation facility. Our evidence-informed approach made us stand out and was the cornerstone of our reputation as one of the country’s top IME companies. Through hard work and consistency, we earned a reputation as of one of the most prominent Designated Assessment Centres in MedRehab, Disability, Attendant Care, and Residual Earning Capacity in Toronto and all of Ontario. 


The next milestone was forming the Association of Designated Assessment Centres and me becoming its Founder and first President. This experience and being on the DAC committee allowed me to create guidelines for different types of assessments and to be involved firsthand in government policy development, something that I am still actively involved in across Canada. The last thing leading to exponential growth was expanding NYRC nationally through our offices in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Montreal and Halifax.


What lessons have you learned over your 30 years in the IME business, and how do these translate to offering the best service to your stakeholders?

It might sound cliche but focusing on customers has always been our priority. For us, customer service means doing our best and going the extra mile for our clients. Through our corporate philosophy, we ensure that the people we serve receive the best possible service. That is, we strive for service that is accessible, impartial, reasonable, efficient and evidence-informed.


To ensure we meet our objectives, we implemented quality assurance measures from start to finish of the assessment process. This included not only getting CARF certified – which is, of course, crucial to providing quality services to examinees and industry stakeholders – but also developing client-focused guidelines and metrics that help ensure our stakeholders receive the best possible service at each stage of the IME process.


How have NYRC’s vision and mission statements evolved over the years? Why are they still relevant today?

Currently, our vision is to be recognized as the gold standard with respect to assessment services. When it comes to our mission, we strive for excellence and leadership in providing comprehensive and cost-effective assessments. Year by year, our vision and mission have served us as our guiding lights and helped us ensure that our goals remain aligned with our values as we navigate changes in the business and medical environment. 


It’s also important to mention that our core values contributed a lot to defining our long-term vision. Among all the C.I.R.C.L.E values (Commitment, Integrity and Innovation, Respect and Responsibility, Cooperation and Communication, Leadership, Excellence and Enthusiasm), I always highlight Integrity. The rest falls apart when there’s no unity and honesty inside the team. You have to stand by your product and service and do it with integrity.


Independent Medical Examination

What makes NYRC a great partner to work with for new clients and assessors? 

It’s like one of those job interview questions, isn’t it? I’d say that when it comes to sensitive issues, i.e., everything associated with health, medical conditions, and legal concerns, the best choice is to trust professionals that understand your needs. NYRC is a team of professionals with decades of industry experience; that’s why we’re one of the best national IME companies in Canada. With our team of multidisciplinary healthcare professionals, we provide integrated services to improve the overall efficiency and quality in independent assessments and we provide these benefits to the stakeholders we work with. If you haven’t worked with us yet, you should! We will not only ensure that you experience the difference that our quality services can make in your workflow on a daily basis, but also that you are involved in defining and refining how we can best serve you.


After 30 years in business, what’s next for NYRC? How is NYRC going to ensure it can offer the best service to its clients and assessors across Canada over the next 30 years? 

The overarching goal we’ve set for ourselves is growth that involves expanding services, covering more regions and cities, and even more provinces within Canada. We aim to achieve this with a two-pronged approach: 

First, through the continued development of innovative services and continued improvements of our customer support. Educational webinars and collaborative sessions with our stakeholders are crucial to helping us meet this goal. The continued updating of our current Quality Assurance measures and the development and implementation of new ones is also always on our radar.


Second, we want to keep seeing our core values and vision in action. This will help us ensure that as we grow we are doing so responsibly, ethically and in a manner that continues to best serve and support the communities in which we operate.

The next 30 years are bright for NYRC. We hope that you will join us along the way and continue to help us set the gold standard for independent medical assessment services in Canada.

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